When we founded American Living History Society, we did so because, as history buffs, we are fascinated with yesterday’s artifacts and the stories that go with them. We also believe that preserving these historical treasures brings the past into a sharper focus for all of us. Our lives today have been shaped in part by those who lived before us.
In addition to showcasing our historical finds to the public, we decided to find ways they can experience them as well. With that in mind, we started to acquire historic railroad equipment. Our goal is to operate a tourist and dinner train and are working with a local railroad to re-build an old line for this purpose. This of course has led to other ideas, such as preserving historic cars and trucks for living history events. Our hope is that, by allowing the public to immerse themselves in historical experiences, they will have a deeper appreciation of those who lived before us, knowing that they lay the groundwork for where we are today and where we are headed in the future.