Chicago and North Western #7600



Built by the Pullman Company in 1941 as a RPO/Baggage/Tavern/Lunch Counter car for service on the Chicago & Northwestern Railway’s “City of Milwaukee”, “Shoreland”, and “Valley 400” train sets. After serving Americas traveling public for 23 years #7600 was retired from passenger service in 1964. Once in work train service #7600 was re-numbered #301015, at this time the lounge seats and bar were removed and replaced with a workbench, one restroom was removed and converted into a vestibule. At this time, a portion of the lunch counter was removed along with the accompanying seats

Known as the North Western, the Chicago & North Western Railway became one of the longest railroads in the United States and operating over 12,000 miles of track. The North Western’s “400” from Chicago to Minneapolis/St. Paul was introduced in 1935 and quickly became one of their most famous trains. The “400” was modernized in 1939 with new diesel locomotives and streamlined cars. The first “400” was later renamed the “Twin Cities 400”.
After spending time in MOW service, 7600 was then sold into private ownership. Purchased in 2003 by Gerry Kopiasz of Iowa, plans to relocate and restore the car were derailed later that year when the car in its current home became landlocked by a derailment on the CSX Main that took the interchange switch out of service for several years. During which time, the intended home of the car changed hands and was no longer a viable location for the car.
In 2016 the car was offered to our organization in an effort to preserve this unique piece of history. As received, much of the original interior remained intact with few exceptions. The items that were missing when we received the car are the bar in the tavern area, along with many of the original seats, additionally, during its MOW service years, the RPO portion of the car had been gutted. Some of the mechanical details include: Fair body, H couplers, cast shoes, FAFNIR bearings, ISSH trucks, drop equalizer, Waukesha propane generator & air conditioning system, steam heat, D/C electrical system, tread brakes, good roof, D-22 valves, original kitchen.


Thank you to our volunteers who have worked hard to ensure the preservation of this car!

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