The Jacksonville

Help Purchase and Revive the Jacksonville
There was a time, when American life revolved around trains. For more than a century, from before the Civil War until after WW II, nearly every long journey on land began and ended at a railway platform. From the romantic steam engines of the Gilded Age to the stainless-steel streamliners of the mid-Twentieth Century, trains were fixtures in everyday life that captured imaginations and came to represent freedom, opportunity, and progress. Wherever the railroad went, new settlements, new industry, and a new way of life followed.
Yes, the golden age of railroading may be long gone, but the possibility of easy, affordable rail travel continues to hold enormous appeal for many thousands of urbanites, especially those marooned daily on the clogged asphalt arteries, slumped behind steering wheels in resignation. And if nothing is done, that’s where they’ll remain — in their metal boxes, staring at the railway tracks, waiting for the rail cars.

About the Jacksonville
Built in 1927 as the “Pioneer” by the Pullman Company for Pullman Pool Service as a rental car for special events and charters. This a very unique car in that it was built to the traditional business car floor plan except that it has five bedrooms instead of four. Briefly named “Friendship” in 1929 the car remained owned by Pullman until sold to the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad in 1944 when it was named “Jacksonville,” Retired by the SCL and sold into private ownership. Some of the mechanical details include: Good body and roof (some side sheet corrosion near kitchen), E couplers, most of platform railings are stored in car, Hyatt oil bearings, cast trucks with bolted pedestals, comp shoes, UC brakes (missing valves), body mounted cylinders, approximately 50 KW diesel generator (not connected), very original wood interior (some water damage in one corner of lounge and one corner of dining room). Jacksonville would make a great private car; it is one of the few five bedroom business cars in existence.
About This Campaign & What You Can Do
Help purchase and revive Jacksonville rail car campaign is meant to help bring back the good old days and make history alive. As you make a donation, just know you’re funding a piece of soul, moments of our life, our time taken to realize our passion and dream to preserve the American history.
What do we need?
To purchase the Jacksonville we need to raise $22,000. We are currently waiting for quotes on relocation costs and will update this page with that information as soon as it is received. we are estimating them to be $40,000.
What We Will Do With The Donations?
The funding raised will go into purchasing, transporting and restoration of the rail car. In the event we are unsuccessful in saving the Jacksonville, all funds will go towards one of our other preservation projects.
If you can’t contribute, that doesn’t mean you can’t help. Help us get the word out and make some noise about the Help Purchase and Revive Jacksonville Rail Car! Use the sharing tools on our campaign page to email your friends, tweet our cause on Twitter, or share our page on Facebook! We appreciate all your support and thank you very much for your never-ending support!
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